Welcome to the world of Yarin, a magical world of tragedy and heroism. For many years the races of Yarin prospered on the old continent in harmony, then as time passed crossed the barrier mountains into the NEW World. The humans lead this change, their short lifespans making them ambitious in ways elves and other races could never quite understand. But humans were not alone for all races followed them into this new and wonderful world. And a great era of peace and expansion started. This expansion made possible for great power to be discovered, but that led to corruption. The ambition of a few unleashed a great evil on this world and so it fell into chaos. The noble kings who has risen in this time fell, tyrants rose in their places and consumed their neighbors. Great magic and knowledge had been gained during the peace and allowed the world to prosper in ways man had not even dreamed of. Great Mages rose to power, and their fall may have been worse than the Noble kings’. The races that had worked together for so long become bitter enemies and divided themselves. Families that crossed races became outcasts to both races and were lost to the anger. The deities who had revealed themselves in great era of peace, holding the light of hope and prosperity for all mortals now waged war amongst themselves. From their celestial plane they looked down at the mortals and were disgusted by what their followers had become and turned their backs on the world when it needed them most. With no divine protection from this evil thousands of men and women from all the races submitted themselves to the power and new races were born. Terrible wars raged for years in the new world, until eventually it just become one large war as the warlords, Dark mages and dark power gained more territory. Those who feel under the shadow of this power either subjugated to it or were killed. Eventually the races of the new world realized their plight and united against the forces of evil, but it was too late that they realized this and they were not strong enough to resist and still they were forced to retreat.
After 500 years of war the New world had retreated back to the Barrier mountains. When all hope was lost and the new world was ready to die with a whimper the forces of the old world charged over the Barrier Mountains and forced back the darkness. They liberated many people of the new world before the tides again turned and the forces of good began to retreat again. Soon enough the forces of light found their backs once again against the barrier mountains. And so it was that the spell casters of yore made one last attack on the dark forces, they combined all of their power into a spell that swept across the new world destroying all evil it touched. With the war finally over the surviving members of the races or Yarin settled back into the old world to lick the wounds of the past 500 years of war. The Elves, some of whom blamed the humans for the war, spilt. Those who hated humans chose to live away from man in the Great Northern forest. The others migrated back to their ancestral home of the Southern forest and peninsula. Some dwarves followed the elves north for similar reason, others tracked west to the ironbound mountains. But some of the strongest and wisest dwarves settled in the barrier mountains and vowed to always be prepared should anyone try to cross the barrier mountains. The humans scattered, going to all manner of places, some new others as old as man itself. Stronghold rose up from the rubble of human society in the East, to be the last place on Yarin to ever fall. The magical creature that had once mingled freely with the other races retreated to a large island off the southern coast to live in seclusion from the chaos. The great council that had led the forces of good throughout the long war located itself in the new city of Tarmein, a city where the races live together in harmony and try to rebuild what was lost. The world still feels the scares of this war that was 600 years in the past. Only in the last 100 years or so have the races started to mix again to any large degree. Racial prejudice still divide some people. Those of the races like drow are still mistrusted as most of their race sided with the side of evil in the Great War.